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皆さん一人一人と多くの事を共有したいです。We will be a bridge for your dreams through our activities, such as painting, music, fashion, fragrances, events, travel, furniture, and the creation of living spaces.

The special people at Autorêve  will work with you to plan unique events, make original goods, and produce art spaces.

I hope more of your kind of flowers will bloom, because they are surely flowers named ‘dream.’ 

I want to share many things with everybody.                                 


pont de reve, noriko asaoka, 浅岡紀子浅岡紀子

Pont de Rêve will help you make your dreams come true by helping you to participate in various events, changing your outlook on your space, and making original products with you.



We can share countless moments.

You are connected with various people.

Imagine the delighted faces of the people around us. 

Enjoy art that invokes physical sensations. Enjoying familiar things with others is the goal of Pont de rêve! 

What's your favorite?

Pont de Rêve will select original, treasured items. We love ‘nice things’, even if it they are not absolutely necessary in our ordinary lives.  Our lives are coloured by favourite wines, lights, furniture, and accessories. We will select special items, and if you cannot find the one you want, we will make an original one for you.

Space Producing


We will produce a space that has never existed before.

The space will provide comfort for your body and soul. We will help to build and enhance such a space over time.

Order-made Art


Noriko Asaoka will draw pictures for you.


If you desire a picture that suits your image, one that is bright and cheerful, that fits the atmosphere of your shop, etc., I will create your space through my art.


Please do not hesitate to consult me.

Noriko Asaoka Art Works


Autorêve buys and sells  old French and Italian cars.

Through the old cars, we hope to enhance cherished, nostalgic senses; we also want the people who engage in a relationship with us to achieve their dreams. Consequently, we aim to create a space where each person can experience their most treasured feelings. 

Ten years have passed since we started Autorêve, and a large circle of patrons has been established. 

by Autorêve
 "Oneday Autorêve" 


There is nothing in particular special about this, it is merely the scenery of daily life at Autorêve. Autorêve’ creates such a feeling.

I hope you like it!

"Night & Day"

Many unpredictable things occur during people’s lives.

Do you occasionally feel the power of something you cannot see?

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